If you like leather and want a face mask to show off your personal style, then we have a truly unique accessory for you. The Full Nelson Leather face mask is designed to provide style, comfort, fit, and functionality.


It’s comfortable to wear with room built in so you can freely talk or chew gum. Just put it on and do your thing. Our form fitting design stays in place with two ½” elastic bands, so you won’t have to constantly be adjusting it. The holes in the center panel and perforated lambskin lining make breathing easier. 


These masks are made from soft, strong, leather for comfort, flexibility, and long lasting. Immaculate stitching with clean finished edges and detailed workmanship add to the excellent quality. Your mask comes with a washable filter already installed and two replacements. All three canvass filters are finished with an over-lock stitch to prevent unraveling, and are machine washable. The access pockets built into the lining allows filters to be easily replaced.


We offer a variety of colors and color combinations. If your looking for something special? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help. Two sizes are available. The large fits most men, and our small size is good for the ladies. See the size chart for more information. 


Cleaning and care is easy. Just wipe the exterior surfaces of the shell and lining, once a day, with a disinfecting wipe, such as Clorox. Additional disinfecting can be done by blasting the face mask with the steam from an iron.


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