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How does a fun day of shopping, dressed up, and accessorized in a stunning kidskin leather face mask sound?  No more boring dust collecting masks ruining your game. Imagine being the center of attention, wearing this elegant mask, lined in soft sensuous lambskin.


-Comfortable form fitting design

-Perforated front panel and lining for breathing

-Impervious to dust and easy to clean

-Pocket in lining for replaceable *filters, 3 included with mask

-Customizations and personal requests welcome


*We make our own filters from canvass.

This study from Cambridge University shows how canvass performs at blocking particles: The Best Coronavirus Face Mask Materials, According To A New Study




-Clean all exterior surfaces with a disinfecting wipe, like Clorox.

-Avoid getting bleach on ear bands, as it can deteriorate the elastic over time.

-Spraying steam on the mask will also disinfect it from virus particles.

-This article from the Center of Disease Control explains more: Steam Sterilization


Luxury Leather Face Mask - Womens/Red Embossed Crocodile


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